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political_macro's Journal

Can I Has a Democracy?
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1) No flaming, unwarranted insults or attacks.
2) Keep the Macros Party Neutral. We aren't here to attack each other, we're here to amuse each other.
3) No advertising for campaigns. Period.
4) No off-topic posts.
5) Absolutely never ever ever disable or delete comments. Only Mods have the right to do this.
6) If you can't take a joke, get out of the party.
7) We are NOT a US exclusive political community, so if you're from another country we'd love to have you - and yes! Indeed you CAN post stuff on your own countries political issues, candidates and debates!
8) Put any image that may be too big (if you're worried about it being to big it probably is) behind a cut. If you have more than one image please put them behind a cut as well.
9) DO NOT SPAM. I'm pretty leinient about mutliple postings that are on topic over a short period of time, but I will NOT condone off topic "Vote for Mah Stuff!1111!!!Plzkthnxbai". You Spam. You are Banned. Period.
10) Remember this is about having fun and making each other laugh. Core Goal here people: Making Others Giggle.